Mink Machine

Peru - Tracing the Incas

Cusco, Lima, Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes, Nazca.

  • Endless

    The old Inca capital is serene and beautiful, at least viewed from up here.


  • Just coping the altitude

    [Reine in Cusco]

  • Reach for the heaven

    This impressive church features the tallest altar in all of Peru.

    [Compania de Jesus, Cusco]

  • My new best friend

    [Reine with baby goat in Cusco]

  • Tireless

    Hiking the five day Inca trail is a daunting task.

    [Camino Inca]

  • Row your boat

    [Urubamba river]

  • The final stretch

    The last stop before reaching Machu Picchu.

    [Aguas Calientes]

  • Instant classic

    One of the most recognizable views in the world.

    [Machu Picchu]

  • Dawn of the ancients

    [Machu Picchu]

  • Top of the morning

    [Reine at Machu Picchu]

  • Mi casa

    [Llama at Machu Picchu]

  • If walls had ears

    These impressive walls were fit together without mortar. After the siege of Cusco in 1537, most of the walls were removed by the Spanish for buildings in Cusco.


  • Hanging with the locals


  • Heritage

    Cusco is full of impressive churches and convents, featuring familiar Spanish architecture.

    [Coricancha, Cusco]

  • Fifty shades of grey

    The Pacific is in there somewhere.

    [Mireflores, Lima]

  • Spot the astronaut

    [Nazca lines]