Istanbul - Through the ages

The connection point between Europe and Asia.

  • Within the realm of the dying sun

    The tower was first constructed in 408 BC on this strategic location in the Bosphorus.

    Maiden's Tower

  • King of the hill

    Reine on the Theodosian Wall

  • Bricks of worship

    The quite Dan Brown-ish Chora church from the 5th century. Just as most other Christian churches it was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople 1453.

    Kariye Müzesi

  • Losing my religion

    People have been staring at this dome since 587 AD.

    Reine at Hagia Sophia

  • Gently down the stream

    Old man and the Bosphorus

  • Brick in the wall

    The city wall of Constantinople once surrounded the capital of Eastern Rome. The largest part of the wall stretched for over six kilometers between the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn.

    Theodosian Wall

  • Ancient arches

    The Topkapi Palace was constructed in 1459 at the site of old Byzantine acropolis.

    Topkapi Palace

  • Domespotting

    There is a mosque in almost every corner.

    Mihrimah Sultan Cami

  • Hello from the other side

    The Asian side of the Bosphorus is a bit more relaxed.

    Reine in Üsküdar

  • Let there be light

    In the bazaar

  • Catch of the day

    Fishermen at Atatürk bridge