Belgium - Through medieval cities

Through the beautiful cities of Ghent, Bruges and Brussels.

  • The postcard view

    The canals through the city made for the nickname Venice of the North.

    Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges

  • Balls of steel

    A model of an iron crystal is the well-known remains of the World Expo 1958. The top sphere is the viewing platform and the connecting tubes are actually escalators.

    The Atomium, Brussels

  • Bricks

    The medieval castle from 1180 was modeled after crusader castles.

    Gravensteen, Ghent

  • Towering

    This beast keeps playing all the time.

    Belfry, Bruges

  • Assault angel

    Augustijnenkaai, Ghent

  • Light and magic

    The bell tower of the Town Hall is one of the finest Gothic buildings in the city. The light show makes it look like the home of Sauron.

    Grand Place, Brussels

  • Beneath the spheres

    The real reason for my visit was of course to experience the location for the 1988 video for song Headhunter by Front 242, directed by the master Anton Corbijn, where various egg-related scenes take place.

    Reine at Atomium, Brussels

  • Make a good impression

    The town hall facade features a flamboyant Gothic style.

    Stadshuis, Ghent

  • Nobody puts Jesus in a corner

    The chapel holds a venerable relic, said to be the blood of Jesus.

    Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed, Bruges

  • Entryway

    The building next to the bridge from 1895 used to house a flood control mechanism.

    Minnewater Bridge, Bruges

  • Waterside location

    Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant, Ghent

  • Tanner me this

    This used to be the guild hall of the tanners.

    Toreken, Ghent