Champagne region - Having champagne in Champagne

Roaming vineyards in the Champagne region of France. Visiting Mutigny, Ay, Epernay, Reims and more.

  • A sea of Chardonnay


  • Silent vigil

    The cathedral was the place of coronation of 37 French kings, including Charles VII in 1429 with the aid of Jeanne d'Arc.

    Statue of Jeanne d'Arc outside Notre-Dame de Reims

  • Walls of time

    All buildings of Reims suffered terribly from German artillery in both world wars, even the magnificent cathedral from the 13th century. Some of the columns are still scarred.

    Notre-Dame de Reims

  • Lost

    The underground wine cellars are spanning 28 km of tunnels.

    Moët & Chandon wine cellar in Epernay

  • Rest in bubbles

    Dom Pérignon was cellar master at the Benedictine Abbey and one of the key figures behind the development of the double-fermentation process.

    The tomb of Dom Pérignon in Hautvillers

  • Above the tunnels

    The 28 km of underground tunnels undermine the entire city, including the city hall.

    Hotel de Ville in Epernay

  • Smile in the crowd

    The smiling angel is a symbol of the city and even made into a postage stamp. The head was smashed into 20 pieces in 1914 but reassembled 1926.

    Notre-Dame de Reims

  • Looking for Rapunzel

    Castellane tower in Epernay