Australia - Roaming down under

Going from Sydney to Cairns.

  • Little fluffy clouds

    The famous sails were designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon.

    Opera House, Sydney

  • A bridge too far

    This year the city was celebrating the 75th anniversary of the old "coathanger". Notice the people on top of the bridge.

    Harbour Bridge, Sydney

  • Charlie dont surf

    The familiar waves of Sydney's best known surfer spot. The color of the ocean here are said to have inspired Apple in colorizing their first iMac.

    Bondi Beach, Sydney

  • Waiting for the night to fall

    Tens of thousands were camping at Mrs Macquarie's Point to celebrate New Years Eve.

    Mrs Macquarie's Point, Sydney

  • The exterminator

    Who do you gonna call when Ghostbusters are on their lunch break?

    Rose Bay

  • A room with a view

    Yes, that's the Barrier Reef out there.


  • We need Mick Dundee

    Apart from the box jellyfish, there's also the occasional crocodile to avoid on the walkway.


  • Greensleeves