Australia - Roaming down under

Going from Sydney to Cairns.

  • Little fluffy clouds

    The famous sails were designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon.

    Opera House, Sydney

  • Bridge climbers

    This year was celebrating the 75th anniversary of the old "coathanger". Notice the people on top of the bridge.

    Harbour Bridge, Sydney

  • Charlie dont surf

    The familiar waves of Sydney's best known surfer spot. The color of the ocean here inspired Apple to colorize their first iMac.

    Bondi Beach, Sydney

  • Waiting for the night to fall

    Tens of thousands were camping at Mrs Macquarie's Point to celebrate New Years Eve.

    Mrs Macquarie's Point, Sydney

  • Sail ohoy

    I've heard all descriptions ranging from sphere intersections to mating turtles.

    Opera House, Sydney

  • I'm on a boat

    Boat rides are the best way to travel around the area.

    Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney

  • The exterminator

    Who do you gonna call when Ghostbusters are on their lunch break?

    Rose Bay

  • A room with a view

    The view from our room. Yes, that's the Barrier Reef out there. Life is good.


  • We need Mick Dundee

    Apart from the box jellyfish, there's also the occasional crocodile to avoid on the walkway.


  • Riverwalk


  • Greensleeves