Andaman Sea - Diving at the Similan Islands

The eleven islands in the Andaman sea have amazing diving waters and pristine beaches.

  • The rock

    While spending time above the surface to remove residual nitrogen, we stopped by at this beach and got ashore using a small rubber boat.

    Koh Similan, Similan Islands

  • La petite fille de la mer

    Fellow diver mademoiselle Anne returning from the depths.

    Similan Islands

  • Bad reception

    I wonder how many channels the fish families pick up with this satellite dish?

    Diving near Ko Payu, Similan Islands

  • Your mission, if you choose to accept it

    Each dive site is preceded by a detailed briefing on the currents, formations and visibility.

    Preparing for a dive at Deep Six, Ko Payu

  • Burning sea

    Sunset over the Andaman sea after a long day of diving provides soothing for the soul.

    Similan Islands

  • Above the surface

    Ko Miang

  • Sand crawler

    The sharks in this area are usually friendly, but you don't want to mess with the striped sea snake.

    Similan Islands