Chile - Along the Andes

Exploring the long coastal country with visits to Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, San Jose de Maipo.

  • Winter is coming

    The Andes are ever present.


  • Autumn is in the air


  • A salty breeze of inspiration

    Cerro Allegre, Valparaiso

  • End of the line

    Reine in Valparaiso

  • Gently as she goes

    The 100 year old funicular is still running.


  • Staring at the sun

    Reine in Cerro Allegre, Valparaiso

  • Fanbase

    I just had to have a Pisco Sour at this particular seat, emulating Anthony Bourdain's visit in 2009.

    Bar La Playa, Valparaiso

  • Highway to hell

    Reine at San José de Maipo

  • Bricks of history

    This palace was epicenter during the 1973 military coup, when Salvador Allende died inside the walls and Pinochet seized power.

    La Moneda palace, Santiago

  • Memento mori

    Two million souls are buried in this vast cemetery.

    Cementario General, Santiago

  • Let's get this party started

    San José de Maipo

  • Roundtrip


  • When the street calls

    The bohemian neighbourhood of Lastarria is a perfect place for casual nightlife.

    Lastarria, Santiago

  • Pelican island

    Viña del Mar