Sweden - All across the kingdom

Having a look at Kalmar, Rossö, Kungshamn, Malmö, Borgholm, Helsingborg, Örebro and other strange places.

  • Across the moat

    This was the place where the Kalmar Union was formed in 1397, a union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The castle was modified from medieval fortress into renaissance castle by the early Vasa kings.

    Kalmar castle

  • Stones of old

    This fortress was granted to Sweden after the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658. It was partly demolished in the 18th century and removed stones can still be seen in nearby houses.

    Bohus Fortress with northern tower Fars Hatt

  • End of the pier

    Kallbadhuset, Varberg

  • Life on the west coast


  • Essential Bohuslän

    Naked cliffs and a bit of salty sea breeze.


  • A Stockholm serenade

    View from Montelius backe towards the Old town and Riddarholmen.

    Montelius backe, Stockholm

  • Moat on ice

    Örebro Castle is located on a small island in the town center. The oldest parts are from the 13th century.


  • In lack of an igloo

    A warm place with an open fire is all you need after a long day of skiing.

    Idre, Sweden

  • Step up

    These steps are leading to Kärnan, a defence tower from 1310.


  • Bricks

    The Borgholm castle was originally constructed during the twelfth century. After destruction in the Kalmar war 1613, it was rebuilt into a palace by the well-known Swedish architect Nicodemus Tessin. In 1806 it was ravaged by a fire and turned into a ruin.

    Borgholm, Öland

  • Geology 101

    The unusual dark colored rock is called rhombic porphyry.


  • In the old town

    Mårten Trotzigs gränd is a very narrow alley.

    Old town of Stockholm

  • Hexagonal faith

    St Pauli, Malmö

  • Solitude

    When you hate neighbors.