Arvikafestivalen 2004 - Kraftwerk goes Värmland

This year featured Kraftwerk, Skinny Puppy, Lustans Lakejer and more.

  • The sun always shines on TV

    Camping area at Arvikafestivalen

  • Radioactivity

    Florian brought a knitted hat and the radioactivity was there for you and me.

    Kraftwerk at Arvikafestivalen

  • Shattered grounds

    The camping area has never seemed cosier.

    Camping area at Arvikafestivalen

  • Men of shadow

    Johan Kinde is still going strong with the decadence and glamour that comes from twenty years of helming the band.

    Lustans Lakejer at Arvikafestivalen

  • Mein teil

    Wokked moose. Because you're worth it.


  • Black celebration