About Reine

Hello there! I am a compulsive traveler by heart and ice cream devourer by choice. When I’m not on the road you will likely spot me blocking the view of your favorite band, dressed in black at industrial clubs, having too much gelato somewhere or simply roaming the deserted streets of Gothenburg on cold autumn days.

Reine in Valletta Roaming Valletta.

Traveling is one of my biggest passions which provides me with endless amounts of inspiration. I love to walk around in large cities, surrounded by the creative chaos of mankind.

Reine in Dasht-e Lut, Iran Exploring a desert in Iran.

I’ve endured the steppe of Mongolia, the fumes of São Paulo and the food of New Zealand. I despise Charles de Gaulle airport almost as much as I love ice cream from Cold Stone.

Reine with book Shameless promoting of my book.

I’ve been singing from the stage of Moulin Rouge in Paris, danced waltz at the Swedish Championships and assisted a fire juggler in San Francisco without burning to ash. But not all at the same time. Read my book “Här finns inga drakar” about it all!

I have setup base camp in Gothenburg, Sweden. Apart from chilly winters and murderous sea gulls, it’s a place as good as any when it comes to planning new adventures.

About Mink Machine

Mink Machine is a personal web site, serving the finest blend of freshly brewed HTML to the unsuspecting world since 1994. It is primarily used as a creative playground featuring blog entries, travel photos and various projects.

Reine in Durban Walking along the golden mile in Durban.

When I created this site, the world was different. Back then CDs and VHS tapes were still a thing, and most people didn’t even have mobile phones or an email address, not to mention a web page. I typed the markup by hand in Emacs on Solaris and viewed the result in a Mosaic browser, since neither Netscape or Internet Explorer had yet been released.

Reine in Singapore Futuristic views in Singapore.

Then in 2003 some significant things happened. Dave Shea invented CSS Zen Garden and Jeffrey Zeldman released the infamous blue beanie book. I was spellbound by the world of web standards, swiftly proceeded to eliminate all table layout and never looked back.

Meet the critters

Mink Machine has two evil siblings:

Reine in Saint-Émilion Visiting ancient buildings in Saint-Émilion.

As always, this is a personal website and does not reflect the views of my employer. That’s right, when I say that Josh Hartnett suck big time – it’s just me.