China - Visiting the chairman

Exploring Beijing, Badaling and Qingdao.

  • No entrance

    The center of Beijing is dominated by the enormous walled area of the former imperial palace, where the emperor uncontested ruled the empire. Construction began in 1406 and the last emperor abdicated in 1912.

    Hall of Supreme Harmony in Forbidden City, Beijing

  • A pile of bricks

    In the 7th century BC minor walls were built to protect the vassal states. These were linked together during the Qin Dynasty in 200 BC, forming the original Great Wall to keep out the marauding nomads in the north.

    Great Wall, Badaling section

  • A day in the life

    The traditional hutongs are narrow alleys formed by lines of residential houses. During the last 50 years a lot of hutongs have been demolished to make way for modern buildings.

    A hutong in Beijing

  • Backseat gamer

    Street in Beijing

  • Guardians

    The roofs are protected by various mythological creatures.

    Forbidden City, Beijing

  • The old man and the sea


  • Modest crib

    Archery Tower, Beijing

  • Men with hats


  • Spot the foreigner

    I blend in like a chameleon in Asia.

    In the Beijing subway

  • Beneath the kites

    The sculpture is called Wuyue Feng (May Wind), but it's probably a Transformer in disguise.

    May Fourth Square, Qingdao

  • The sound of music

    We came across this odd building where someone was singing Chinese songs.

    Tiantan park, Beijing