Rome - Quest for cacio e pepe

Revisiting one of the most historically significant cities on the planet.

  • Vatican sunset

    View from Castel St Angelo

  • Lazy afternoon in Trastavere


  • Crisp morning

    Reine at Ponte Umberto

  • Wall of wonders

    Open Baladin

  • The road to the slaughterhouse

    A steady stream of people walking towards the Colosseum.

    Via Fori Imperiali

  • Tu Vuò Fa' L' Americano

    This is the place where Matt Damon and Jude Law did the jazz gig in Talented Mr Ripley movie from 1999.

    Reine at Caffè Latino

  • Sunset over Piazza di Spagna

    Spanish Steps

  • A maze of marvels

    Maps Gallery, Vatican Museums

  • Walking on hallowed ground

    Reine roaming in St. Peter’s Basilica

  • All you need is Amarone

    Mimi e Coco

  • Trodden since 1932

    Bramante Staircase, Vatican Museums

  • Capitoline sunset

    The Capitoline Hill is the highest of the seven hills from ancient Rome. It was transformed by Michelangelo into a large piazza flanked by three palaces.

    Capitoline Hill

  • The noble sport of Pope-spotting

    Pope Francis saying hello from his window

  • Here we go again

    Reine at Colosseum