Ålesund - Art Nouveau in the north

If you like Art Nouveau and time machines, Ålesund is the place to be.

  • Seaside

    View from Mount Aksla

  • What the water gave me

    Ålesund harbor

  • Eyes to the ground

    The famous viking Rollo is said to be from the island Giske outside Ålesund, before going to France where he founded Normandy in 918 AD.

    Ålesund Town Park

  • Art Nouveau overload


  • Art Nouveau overload


  • Top of the world

    Mount Aksla

  • Survivor

    The only house that survived the devastating fire in 1904.


  • Achtung

    Remains of German bunkers from WW2 are still visible as scars in the beautiful nature.

    Mount Aksla