Tromsö - Norwegian blues

Driving around Tromsö, Håköya, Ersfjordbotn, Sommaröya, Hillesöya, Kvalöy, Lyngseidet and more.

  • Road warrior

    Driving across Håköya

  • Crater care

    The German battleship Tirpitz was finally sunk in November 1944 by Royal Air Force. The large craters from bombs that missed their targets form small lakes today.

    Standing in one of the Tallboy craters at Håköya

  • Blasts from the past

    The final resting place of German battleship Tirpitz is surprisingly tranquil. It's hard to imagine the mayhem that took place here 60 years ago.


  • Absolute Norway

    Having a picnic at a fjord surrounded by mountains while listening to Bel Canto on phone speakers. It doesn't really get more Norway than that.


  • The road to nothingness

    The single-lane bridge was not really made for meeting with another car.

    Bridge to Sommaröya

  • Coast guard

    This is just about as far west you can go without falling into the Atlantic ocean.

    Surveying the landscape at Hillesöya

  • Norwegian architecture

    Landslides are nasty business. This house was floating several hundred meters from its original location.


  • Into the mist


  • Into Narnia

    Inspecting a mysterious door in Tromsö harbor

  • Not the Opera house

    Arctic Cathedral in Tromsö

  • Domino dancing

    Polaria Museum in Tromsö