Prague - Summer in Bohemia

The capital city of the Czech Republic is simply too nice for it's own good.

  • Life in the shade


  • Dust to soil

    Kafka and other dignitaries rest under a sea of greens.

    New Jewish Cemetery

  • Old friends

    Reine at Park Folimanka

  • Hello calcium

    Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora

  • Hello my little ants

    Charles Bridge

  • Here we are again

    Reine on Charles Bridge

  • Hang on

    Sigmund Freud keeping watch

  • Shine for me

    Vitus Cathedral

  • Stick to the classics

    Arguably the oldest bar in Prague, this classic location has served their dark brew since 1499.

    U Fleku

  • Shadow of a mission

    This was the location of the safehouse in Mission Impossible 1.

    Platnérská 4

  • Dalek recursion

    Metro station