Turin - Bricks and Bicerin

One of the elegant cities in northern Italy.

  • Through the ages

    This is said to be the best preserved Roman gateway in the world.

    Porta Palatina

  • Twoface

    This interesting building has two sides. The front facade is a Baroque piece from 1721. The rear area show towers from the ancient Roman gate, which I found more interesting.

    Palazzo Madama

  • Silenzio

    This is the location of the Shroud of Turin.

    Turin Cathedral

  • Grab the chicken

    Caffe Torino from 1903 is one of the oldest cafés in Turin. The beautiful arcades were also the location of the classic "chicken grab" scene in 1969 movie The Italian Job.

    Piazza San Carlo

  • Dolce

    Time for a Bicerin.

    Caffè Fiorio

  • All aboard

    Porta Nuova