Prague - The spirit of Vltava

A cosy town to get lost in.

  • Along the cobblestone

    Malá Strana

  • Shadows

    Crossing the bridge at night while the snow gently falls.

    Charles Bridge

  • The bridge and the troll

    Reine in West Tower, Malá Strana

  • Reflection of the ages

    Old Town Bridge Tower and Charles Bridge

  • King of the hill

    Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral are towering above the red-roofed Lesser Quarter.

    View from West Tower, Malá Strana

  • The mist

    Malá Strana

  • Join in the chant

    Prague is not only goth, it is also EBM!

    Malá Strana

  • The two towers

    Church of Our Lady Before Tyn is towering above Old Town square. Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe is buried in there.

    View from Old Town Hall