Moldova - The forgotten corner of Europe

Having a look at Chisinau and beyond.

  • Flat white

    This is the main cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Moldovan capital.

    Cathedral of Christ's Nativity, Chisinau

  • On your knees

    Cathedral of Christ's Nativity, Chisinau

  • Nice hat

    Stephen III was a national hero of Moldova. The 1927 statue holds a cross as a symbol against the invading Ottoman forces in the 15th century.

    Statue of Stefan cel Mare

  • The darkside

    Our cozy apartment door.


  • Ancient glory

    The Arc de Triumph commemorates the victory over Turks in the Russian-Turkish war of 1806- 1812.

    Arc de Triumph in Chisinau

  • My heart will go on

    Monument in Chisinau

  • Staying with the smurfs

    St Teodora de la Sihla Church

  • Grey day

    Just waiting for the bus in Moldova.

    Outskirts of Chisinau

  • Oh the bells

    The Bell Tower was destroyed in 1962 but reconstructed in 1997.

    Bell Tower, Chisinau

  • Here be wolves

    National Archeology and History Museum, Chisinau

  • No means no

    Entrance to Deja Vu

  • Pit of doom

    Toilet at the land border crossing from Ukraine