Liechtenstein - Wazzup in Vaduz

This is one of the smallest countries in the world.

  • A room with a view

    The Vaduz Castle towers above the tiny capital. A setting that would make Dracula proud.

    Vaduz Castle

  • My kingdom come

    The small capital with about 5000 inhabitants is surrounded by alps.


  • Pillars of creation

    These seats are even worse than the ones sitting behind me.

    Cathedral of St Florin

  • Power places

    The government house (Regierungsgebäude) of Liechtenstein from 1905 is the white building on the right. On the left is the parliament building, opened in 2008 which features a round table for the members.

    Houses of government and parliament on Peter-Kaiser-Platz

  • The road not taken


  • Castles and alps

    They are everywhere.