Arvikafestivalen 2009 - Under the birch

This year featured Nine Inch Nails, DAF, Depeche Mode, Welle:Erdball and more.

  • My empire of dirt

    I had always wondered where Trent Reznor got those lyrics from. Now I know.

    Camping area at Arvikafestivalen

  • Alles ist gut

    Gabi enjoyed splashing himself with several bottles.

    DAF at Arvikafestivalen

  • One day I'll fly away


  • Starfighter

    They even threw a Commodore 64 into the audience.

    Honey and A.L.F. of Welle:Erdball

  • Sister of night


  • Shine for me

    Apollo stage

  • Beside you in time

    The Almighty arrived to a muddy field in the woods.

    Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

  • Looking for Jason

    Camp Crystal Lake

  • Lazy days


  • The sun and the rainfall


  • Looking for Jason

    Camp Crystal Lake

  • I feel you

    Angel of death stalking a victim.

    People outside of Apollo