New York - Summer in the city

All across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  • The world was on fire

    ...and no one could save me but you.

    Sunset from Empire State Building

  • Bringing a knife to a gun fight

    Fette Sau, Williamsburg

  • No sleep till Brooklyn

    The epic angle from Once Upon a Time in America.

    Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn side

  • Just a perfect day

    Bow Bridge, Central Park

  • First we take Manhattan

    Press Lounge, Hells Kitchen

  • No sleep until Brooklyn

    Reine in Brooklyn Bridge park

  • My kind of view

    Sixty SoHo Hotel

  • Wireframe

    Brooklyn Bridge

  • Who you gonna call

    The fire station from Ghostbusters is still there, over 30 years later.

    Reine at Hook and Ladder Company 8

  • Midtown madness

    42nd St

  • Urban jungle

    Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

  • Atlas shrugged

    Some people out there are carrying a lot on their shoulders. The large Atlas statue on Rockefeller Center is shadowed by St Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue.

    Atlas statue and St Patrick's Cathedral

  • Looking down on you

    Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Old friends

    Sunset from Empire State Building

  • Visiting the angel

    Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

  • Urban jungle

    Central Park