Moscow - Shades of red

The capital of Russia has always been a place of controversy and myth.

  • Losing my religion

    St Basil's Cathedral stands firmly against the Nikolskaya tower and the brick walls of the Kremlin. The red star was originally installed in 1935.

    Red Square, Moscow

  • Keep out

    The walled area contains a variety of buildings constructed during different centuries. The Assumption Cathedral was constructed in the 1470s by an Italian architect and was the main church of Russia for four centuries.

    Assumption Cathedral in Kremlin, Moscow

  • Red in rain

    State Historical Museum at Red Square, Moscow

  • Buried in granite

    The final resting place of Vladimir Lenin is located next to the Kremlin Wall, a Necropolis area where also Stalin and the other guys are buried.

    Lenin's mausoleum at the Red Square, Moscow

  • Through the arch

    The triumphal arch from 1827 is dedicated to the Russian victory over Napoleon. It is placed near Poklonnaya Hill, a place of strategic importance since it is one of the highest spots. This was as far as Napoleon came in 1812.

    Victory Park in Moscow

  • Behind the walls

    Kremlin Wall along the Moscow river

  • Overloaded

    With a height of 94 meters, this statue is the seventh tallest in the world.

    Peter the Great Statue in the Moscow River

  • Beneath the domes

    Novodevichy Monastery, Moscow