Montenegro - Beyond the black mountain

Going to Kotor, Perast, Risan, Herceg Novi and up the slopes of the black mountain.

  • The undiscovered country

    The town was first mentioned way back in 168 BC, but few find their way here.


  • Save the clock tower

    The clock tower was constructed in 1602.


  • Wolf hour


  • Finally here

    Reine in Kotor

  • Bokeljska Mormarica


  • Hiking up the black mountain


  • The restaurant at the end of the universe

    After driving through countless hairpin curves on a steep narrow road, one wonder who really lives up here on Mt Lovcen, the black mountain of Montenegro.


  • A chunk of Venice


  • One of sixteen

    St Nicholas Church has a bell tower of 55 meters.


  • Got the time?

    The Clock Tower was built by the Austro-Hungarians as a gate into the old town.

    Herceg Novi

  • View from the top

    The old fortress Kanli-Kula (Bloody Tower) used to be a prison during the Turkish rule.

    Herceg Novi