Lyon - Two millennia later

So much more than quenelle.

  • Echoes in eternity

    The theater was build around 15 BC and later expanded in 120 AD, with seating for 10 000 spectators.

    Théâtre Romain

  • Divinity

    La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

  • Mister Underhill

    The Romans settled the city of Lugdunum on the hill of Fourvière, two millennia ago.

    Going uphill by funicular

  • Step right up

    Passerelle Saint-Vincent

  • Reach out and touch faith

    La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

  • Big red guy

    Original facial prosthetic work by Ron Perlman in Hellboy.

    Musée Miniature et Cinéma

  • Lady France

    Fontaine Bartholdi was constructed in 1892, depicting France as a female on a chariot.

    Place des Terreaux