Wave Gotik Treffen 2006 - Leipzig, Germany

173 bands and 20 000 people dressed in black. This year was featuring Nitzer Ebb, Deine Lakaien and more.

  • Back in time

    The pagan market at Moritzbastei, Leipzig

  • Join in the chant

    Worst photo from best concert. The reunion of Nitzer Ebb featured a hyperactive Douglas McCarthy and a vibrant Kourtney Klein on live drums.

    Nitzer Ebb live at Agra

  • Anachronisms

    The pagan market at Moritzbastei, Leipzig

  • Temple of love

    Absintherie Sixtina resembles a cathedral with its ceiling paintings.

    Absintherie Sixtina, Leipzig

  • Not for rats

    Altes Rathaus, Leipzig

  • Someone was compensating

    This is the tallest city hall tower in Germany.

    New Town Hall, Leipzig

  • The OG of music

    The man, the myth, the concrete. Thomaskirche is a Lutheran church where Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a cantor. He is also buried here and has a monument outside.

    Bach monument at Thomaskirche, Leipzig