Serbia - Belgrade and beyond

I would guess that this is one of the more divisive countries in Europe, so I had to go there to learn more.

  • Reach out and touch faith

    One of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.

    Sveti Sava, Belgrade

  • Gatekeeper

    Zindan Gate, Kalemegdan

  • Angry man yelling at clouds

    Svetozar Miletic statue, Novi Sad

  • Dinner under a blood red sky

    Manufaktura, Belgrade

  • Regroup

    Checking the map while resting my legs on the old water well, Sebilj cesma.


  • Trust me, this is a shortcut.


  • Reach out and touch faith

    Sveti Sava, Belgrade

  • Concrete past and present

    Muzej Jugoslavije, Belgrade

  • Scaffolding 101

    Novi Sad