Castelgandolfo - Staying at the Pope's

This little town in Lazio is perhaps best known as the place where the pope has his summer residence.

  • The road to Gandolfo

    We arrived to Castelgandolfo by a sturdy old train over the hillsides. I bet Robert Ludlum didn't think of this view when he chose that title for his book.

    Train tracks outside Castelgandolfo

  • A room with a view

    Not really your everyday view from a bedroom window.

    Lago Albano

  • Beach stroller

    The palace Palazzo Pontificio is situated on high ground above the large crater lake Lago Albano. Pope Urbanus VIII selected it as his summer residence in 1626.

    Reine in Castelgandolfo

  • Daily dome

    Castelgandolfo is also the site of the Vatican Observatory. In 1935 two domes were moved here from Rome, due to light pollution.

    On the roof of Castelgandolfo

  • Stories of old

    It's not everywhere you can browse the early editions of the classic works by Copernicus and Galileo. The observatory also hosts a meteorite collection and a rock from the moon.

    Library of the Vatican Observatory

  • Bellissimo

    The Ristorante Bucci has one of the best views in the world for your evening tiramisu.

    Alley leading to Ristorante Bucci

  • Castelgandolfo

    The walking path to the top is long and tedious, where cats watch your every step.

    The hill of Castelgandolfo

  • No rest for the wicked

    Reine waiting for a train in Castelgandolfo