Mink Machine

Amphi Festival 2012 - Köln, Germany

  • Electroheads

    Andy LaPlegua entered the stage in a bear suit, but it only lasted a few seconds in the heat.

    [Combichrist live]

  • Scorchio

    [Reine and Karin]

  • Here we go

    [Lolly, Karin and Björn]

  • A great day for wearing black


  • Beauties in black

    [Karin and Lolly]

  • Beneath the vaults

    [Alter Wartesaal]

  • In darkness

    After the Coppelius concert.

    [Martina, Karin and Reine]

  • Soul diver

    Frank Spinath waving sideways.

    [Seabound live]

  • Something wicked this way comes


  • Post-Agonoize

    Someone forgot to stay out of the splash zone.

    [Tina and Manu]

  • Black celebration

    [The crew at beach club]

  • Unter den Svampen


  • Dressed in black


  • Beneath the vaults

    [Alter Wartesaal]

  • Hardcore hooligans

    They did a great show despite the early hour.

    [Spetsnaz live]

  • Ducklings

    [Martina and Lolly]

  • Shades of black


  • On the U-bahn

    One Kölsch every day keeps the doctor away.


  • Return of the voodoo doctor


  • Beach babes

    [Karin and Martina]

  • Unter den Svampen

    [Martina and Reine]

  • I dream in color

    Since Rhys Fulber used to be one half of Front Line Assembly, his other band felt great as a replacement when Bill Leeb cancelled.

    [Conjure One live]

  • Body bear


  • Hot stuff

    [Martina and Karin]

  • Always two there are

    [Reine and Björn]

  • From dusk till dawn


  • In da hoodz

    [Karin and Reine]

  • Onslaught

    The Polizei came well prepared for the arrival of 16 000 Amphi visitors.