Mink Machine

Hultsfredsfestivalen - When Vince came to town

  • On the road again

    Driving through the endless forests of Småland.

    [The road to Hultsfred]

  • Have a seat

    [Audience waiting for Tallest Man On Earth]

  • Here comes the sun

    [Reine and Annika]

  • Miss sunshine


  • Meat is murder

    Translation: 'Closed due to Morrissey's allergy towards meat-loving Swedes. We reopen when the poor man leaves the stage at 23.30'. Morrissey actually managed to close this meat vendor a few hours before the concert, but that didn't stop a spectator from tossing five sausages onto the stage.

    [Sign prior to the Morrissey concert]

  • This charming man


  • Irish blood english heart


  • There is a light that never goes out

    [The Morrissey after-party]

  • Chorus

    [Andy Bell, Erasure]

  • Always

    [Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, Erasure]

  • A little respect

    [Vince Clarke, Erasure]

  • Heavenly action

    [Happy audience watching Erasure]

  • Autobahn

    [Clas, Reine K and Jessica]

  • In da hood


  • Waiting for the rain to fall

    [Reine K, Jonas, Clas, Jessica and Annika]

  • The only way is up

    [Bob Hund]

  • Cry me a river

    [The popular rain shelter]

  • Speed country

    [Bob Log III]

  • Rain man


  • Crossing campus

    [Reine and Annika]

  • Silver lining

    [Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, Hurts]

  • Behind the shades

    [Jessica and Annika watching Johnossi]

  • Losing my patience

    [Shit Robot]

  • Making battle plans

    [Magnus, Mathias and Jessica]