Mink Machine

Arvikafestivalen 2004 - Kraftwerk goes Värmland

  • The sun always shines on TV

    All this sun is very bad for the reputation of Arvika as the unrivaled mud festival.

    [Camping area at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Shattered grounds

    The camping area has never seemed cosier.

    [Camping area at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Master and servant

    [Reine and Emelie at Arvikafestivalen 2004]

  • Men of shadow

    Johan Kinde is still going strong with the decadence and glamour that comes from twenty years of helming the world's most elegant synth band.

    [Lustans Lakejer at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Waiting for the night

    [Reine at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Easy living

    This reminds me of a Monty Python song.

    [Camping area at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Radioactivity

    The gods have returned! Florian brought a silly hat and the radioactivity was there for you and me.

    [Kraftwerk at Arvikafestivalen]

  • People are people

    [Rick, Lars and Pär at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Me alien you predator

    [Emelie at Arvikafestivalen]

  • The things you said

    If you're looking for interesting friends, you've come to the right place. This girl obviously got second place in the contest for cover girls to Bong 15.


  • Mein teil

    Wokked moose. Because you're worth it.


  • Figurehead

    [Pär and Reine at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Silence of the lambs

    [Camping area at Arvikafestivalen]

  • The dead of night


  • My empire of dirt

    I had always wondered where Trent Reznor got those lyrics from. Now I know.

    [Camping area at Arvikafestivalen]

  • That wasn't chicken

    [Reine having mystery meat at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Black celebration

    One would think that the guy on the right would melt any second.


  • Mind control

    Note the subtle antenna feeding Lars' temples with EBM straight from the mixer table.

    [Lars spellbound by Sara Noxx, Arvikafestivalen]

  • Come inside

    This tent is not big enough for the two of us.

    [Fixmer and McCarthy at Andromeda stage, Arvikafestivalen]

  • Sister of night

    [Emelie at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Three stooges

    [Pär, Hans and mysterious blonde at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Past present

    The Canadians are back! Nivek Ogre is bouncing around on the stage in his eerie bird costume while cEvin Key is backing up.

    [Skinny Puppy at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Lightning man

    [Pär at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Fade into you

    The big lights of the largest stage, Vintergatan, makes the huge crowd visible for a few seconds.

    [Faithless at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Reach out and touch faith

    [Reine at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Exclusive dining

    [Moose kebab, Arvikafestivalen]

  • It's no good

    There's not only electronic music at the festival. This is Cradle of Filth, the British black metal band. They sucked big time, but I appreciated the effort.

    [Cradle of Filth, Arvikafestivalen]