Mink Machine

Tallinn - The search for Lasse Kongo

  • The two towers

    This is the entrance to the Old Town. Two towers remain of a larger gate built in the 14th century.

    [Viru Gate]

  • Go medieval on your plate

    Eat strange stuff illuminated by pale candles.

    [Olde Hansa]

  • The wall

    The city wall was begun in 1265. In the 16th century it spanned over 2 kilometers with 46 gate towers. About half of them still stands today along with most of the wall.

    [City wall]

  • Home

    [Reine at the Depeche More Baar]

  • In your room

    [Depeche Mode Baar]

  • People are people

    [Fredrik and Eric at the Depeche Mode Baar]

  • More than a party

    [Depeche Mode Baar]

  • Just add salt

    This building was first mentioned in a manuscript from 1370.


  • Leaning tower

    This is the Town Hall square, but most of the buildings are relatively new (18th century) due to the Great Fire of 1775 when almost the entire city centre burned to the ground.

    [Raekoja plats]

  • A place in the sun

    [Reine at Raekoja plats]

  • Sunset boulevard

    Everybody takes photos of the Three Sisters buildings, but I liked this one right across the street from them.

    [Tallinn street]

  • The lizard

    [Pikk tanav]

  • Ship ahoy

    [Street sign near Great Sea Gate]

  • Signpost for egoists


  • Pretty in pink

    [Estonian limo]