Mink Machine

Das Boot cruise - Across the Baltic Sea

  • Call the ships to port

    Our ride across the Baltic Sea

  • Attack the masses

    Reine surveying Stockholm archipelago

  • Brothers in arms

    Das Boot

  • Captain on the bridge

  • Nodisco

  • Arrrr

    Project Rotten live

  • Body to body

    Spark! live

  • Guitar hero

    Infected Mushroom live

  • I hit you hard

    Spetsnaz live

  • Preacher

    Spark! live

  • Bring me that horizon

    Baltic Sea

  • In chains

    Lounge lizard

  • In dire need of Romulan ale

    Alexander Hofman, S.P.O.C.K live

  • You will be assimilated

    Project Rotten live

  • The stage is set

    Awaiting VNV Nation at the front line

  • Down the Jefferies tube

    Industrial dancefloor