Warsaw - Construction time again

  • A room with a view

    The view from the 26th floor is more than adequate. The Palac Kultury is the tallest building in Poland and one of the most controversial since many consider it to be a symbol of Soviet domination.

    View from my room

  • Another brick in the wall

    Barbakan and old defense wall, Old Town

  • Quasimodo

    Reine at the top of Palac Kultury

  • When angels cry

    Originally built in the 14th century, not even the holy building was spared during the attacks of WW2. The exterior reconstruction is based on 400-year-old drawings.

    St John's Cathedral, Old Town

  • Erased from memory

    The book displays the names of Marx, Engels and Lenin. But the name Stalin has been plastered over.

    Palac Kultury

  • Swimming in the clouds

    The pool at 44th floor offers exceptional views of the city. It's the highest indoor swimming pool in Europe and there even is a jacuzzi in the far corner.

    Intercontinental Warsaw

  • Just passing through

    The building itself is the third tallest hotel in Europe. They made a hole in the middle not to block the sun from neighbouring buildings.

    Intercontinental Warsaw

  • Weirdest bar in town


  • Core breach imminent

    Somewhere in Secret Garden

  • Worst job ever

    Window cleaners next to the train station

  • Old meets new

    Palac Kultury