Mink Machine

Dögnvill festival - Tromsö, Norway

  • Shimmering warm and bright

    Notice the cold air vapor. Anneli and the band got some extra audience attention since they originate from the festival town of Tromsö.

    [Anneli Drecker, Bel Canto live at Dögnvill]

  • Blue is the new black

    Bel Canto had their original band setting for the first time in 20 years. This is Geir Jenssen, also known from his project Biosphere.

    [Bel Canto live at Dögnvill]

  • Stay on these roads

    [Hanna and Pär at Dögnvill]

  • Prince of darkness

    Get a hat.

    [Ozzy Osbourne live at Dögnvill]

  • Iron man

    [Ozzy Osbourne live at Dögnvill]

  • Mama I'm coming home

    [Ozzy Osbourne live in Tromsö]

  • The sun always shine on TV

    The things I go through just to get a local beer.

    [Reine finding a Mack draft at Dögnvill]

  • Firestarter

    Keith Flint is not a shy one.

    [The Prodigy live at Dögnvill]

  • Voodoo people

    Everybody in the audience was on their toes.

    [The Prodigy live at Dögnvill]

  • Eyes of Sauron


  • Metal triplet

    [Hanna, Tone and Reine at Dögnvill]

  • In the crowd

    Not every festival offers a view of snow-capped mountains.

    [Dögnvill area]

  • Living a boy's adventure tale

    Morten Harket entered the stage with sunglasses, backed by the ever so fashionable Paul Waaktaar-Savoy in a grey suit. The Norwegian audience went crazy!

    [a-ha live at Dögnvill]

  • Forever not yours

    Morten Harket is still quite popular with the ladies.

    [a-ha live at Dögnvill]

  • Lifelines

    Morten Harket and Magne Furuholmen on one of their last gigs after 25 years together.

    [a-ha live at Dögnvill]

  • The summers of our youth

    Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, Magne Furuholmen and Morten Harket are soon reaching the journey's end after 25 years.

    [a-ha live at Dögnvill]

  • Summer moved on

    Morten Harket thanked the audience in Norwegian for these 25 years.

    [a-ha live at Dögnvill]

  • People are people

    [Dögnvill area]

  • The mist is coming