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Club life - Plasticity, Romo Night and more

Featured: Plasticity, Romo Night, Tech Noir, Spacelab, Absynth, Bodybeat, Monochrome, Target, Der Bunker, Shocks, Electronic Summer, Way Out West, The Station, Synthklubben, DM Baar, Satin, Synthhaket and more.

  • We dance to the sound of sirens

    [Main dance floor at Romo Night club, Gothenburg]

  • Sister of night

    [Frida at Tech Noir club, Stockholm 2004]

  • The usual suspects

    One night at Spacelab.

    [Frida, Martin, Louise, Pär, Nic, Peter at Spacelab club, Gothenburg 2004]

  • Soilbleed

    [The dance floor at BodyBeat]

  • The more the merrier

    [Malin, Martina and Reine at Bodybeat. Also known as Grotesco, Diabolique and Magnifique.]

  • Surrender or the alien gets it

    [Karin and Anders at Monochrome]

  • Music for the masses

    'I wonder if anyone will notice if I slip in a Britney song?'

    [Pär at work, Plasticity club, Gothenburg]

  • Join in the chant

    [Reine, Frida and Eva]

  • Vampire cravings

    [Anna and Sofia at Club Target]

  • Fight for your right to party

    Just an ordinary evening on the dance floor.

    [Ted at Monochrome]

  • Happy hour

    [Sjöberg, Anders and Lars at Club Target]

  • One you lock the target

    Everyone who wants to hear old school EBM, raise your hand now!

    [Rick, Daniel, Niclas, Tessan, Mattias, Anna]

  • Waves in low tide

    [Reine and Elin at Bodybeat]

  • In the pit

    [The dance floor at BodyBeat]

  • Creatures of the night

    [Lolly, Sofia and Anna at Absynth]

  • Let your body learn

    [Reine at the Bodybeat dance floor]

  • My secret garden

    [Jessica and the empty wardrobe]

  • In the bunker

    [Der Bunker]

  • Here we are now

    Tip the Velvet pre-party.

    [Elin and Clara]

  • Headhunter

    [Karin Bolin Derne DJing at Haket]

  • Let your body learn

    [Eva, Pär and Martin at Romo Night club]

  • Last order

    Thomas seems a bit sceptical.


  • Dynamic duo

    [Elin and the Duff Man at Tip the Velvet]

  • Dynamic duo

    [Anna and Fredrik DJing at Haket]

  • Forest people

    [Kalle, Ida, Veronica, Jonas and Reine at Way Out West]

  • Charlie's Angels

    [Jessica, Tessan and Martina at Club Target]

  • Black and white

    The organizers of Romo Night assemble once more for their new project.

    [Tony and Tobbe at The Station]

  • Divided we fall

    [Elin and Karin at Target]

  • Who let the shark out

    [Martina, Elin and the infamous shark at Bodybeat]

  • Let your body learn

    This is one of the rare locations where you can enjoy decent music such as Feindflug, Grendel and Catscan.

    [Club Shocks]

  • Moonlight sonata

    Karin is playing Apoptygma Berzerk's 'Love never dies' on the piano while Kristian is recording.

    [Karin and Kristian at Club Spacelab, autumn 2004]

  • The tall ones

    [Martina and Reine at Club Target]

  • More than a party

    [Frida at club Plasticity]

  • Afternoons in Utopia

    The basement of Plasticity, where a pair of solid boots can get you anywhere.

    [Plasticity club, Gothenburg]

  • Only when I lose myself

    [The main dance floor at club Romo Night]

  • Suffer well

    Smoking through a gas mask. Makes perfect sense.

    [Medusa and Darth Vader at Fryken]

  • Dawn of the dead


  • Arrrrr

    The pirate finds a victim.


  • Cheers mate

    [Tom and Sebastian at Delirium]

  • We will rock you

    [Christina and Reine at Way Out West]

  • Here comes the sun

    [Way Out West]

  • Serious corner

    [Reine and Martin at The Station]

  • Sea of sin

    Can you spot the guy with full body antigas equipment?

    [Main dance floor at Tech Noir club, Stockholm]

  • Black celebration

    [Reine and Tessan at Synthklubben]

  • Join in the chant

    [Niclas, Tessan and Rick]

  • Meanwhile at Haket

    [Lina, Reine and Katja (photo by Sören)]

  • Prepared for Bates

    Among the guests were vampires, witches, monks, Grim Fandango, Radiotjänst, skeletons and a walking shower.

    [Henrik at Halloween party]

  • Ready for anything

    Your average visitor on the dance floor.

    [Der Bunker]

  • Black crowd

    [Rick, Reine and CJ at Haket (photo by Sören)]

  • [Satin club, Örebro]

  • In the bunker

    Not every dance floor features a man cage.

    [Der Bunker]

  • Slowmotion

    [Elin and Reine at Bodybeat (photo by Sören)]

  • Lightning man

    [Lars at club Plasticity]

  • Grand design

    [Stefan at club Satin, Örebro]

  • Somewhere in nowhere

    [Magnus at Haket]

  • Wazzup

    [Rick, Sören, CJ and Johan at Haket]