Brussels - Beer, chocolate and that wee statue

  • Light and magic

    The bell tower of the Town Hall is one of the finest Gothic buildings in the city. The light show makes it look like the home of Sauron.

    Town Hall, Grand Place

  • Beneath the spheres

    The real reason for my visit was of course to experience the location for the 1988 video for song Headhunter by Front 242, directed by the master Anton Corbijn, where various egg-related scenes take place.

    Reine at Atomium

  • Balls of steel

    A model of an iron crystal is the well-known remains of the World Expo 1958. The top sphere is the viewing platform and the connecting tubes are actually escalators.

    The Atomium

  • Peeing since 1619

    The world's most well-known little flasher actually has 500 different costumes for various occasions, but we managed to catch him in the flesh.


  • Beneath the glass

    This shopping arcade is one of the most elegant in Europe, and it has a beautiful name as well.

    Crossing Galerie de la Reine

  • To the moon

    The museum filled with Tintin, Gaston and Lucky Luke is located in a beautiful Art Noveau building.

    Belgian Comic Strip Center

  • Royal wardrobe

    This ancient building houses the bizarre 500+ wardrobe of Manneken-Pis.

    Maison du Roi, Grand Place

  • Chill out

    Maison du Roi and the guild houses are intricate buildings made by Belgian limestone.

    Sunset at Grand Place

  • A slice of heaven

    Leonidas is one of the great Belgian chocolate stores.

    Shopping at Leonidas