Mink Machine

Vince festival - Raiding Karlskrona

  • Invasion

    [Lina, Tomas, Magnus, Martina, Jessica and Annika]

  • One plus one makes Jack Skellington smile

    [Mattias and Jenni]

  • Military fashion show

    [Part of the synth exhibition]

  • Diamonds are forever

    [Part of the synth exhibition]

  • Dressed in black again

    [Reine and Martina]

  • Men in hats

    Voister Litz on stage.

    [Per-Ola, Anders and Ronny]

  • Surpriiiise

    [Martina and Jessica]

  • Beer time

    [Tomas, Magnus and Annika]

  • I stand alone

    Covenant on stage.

    [Eskil Simonsson]

  • We make ritual noise

    Covenant on stage.

    [Joakim Montelius and Eskil Simonsson]