Prague - The spirit of Vltava

  • Along the cobblestone

    Malá Strana

  • Shadows

    Crossing the bridge at night while the snow gently falls. A magic evening.

    Charles Bridge

  • The bridge and the troll

    Reine in West Tower, Malá Strana

  • Bricks

    West Tower, Malá Strana

  • Reflection of the ages

    Old Town Bridge Tower and Charles Bridge

  • King of the hill

    Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral are towering above the red-roofed Lesser Quarter.

    View from West Tower, Malá Strana

  • The island

    Strelecky Ostrov is a small island situated in the Vltava river, somewhat reminiscent of Isola Tiberina in Rome or Île de la Cité in Paris. Unfortunately it's very small and prone to floods. The entire island was swallowed during the floods in 2002.

    Strelecky Ostrov

  • The mist

    Malá Strana

  • Man down, Ethan

    This is the riverside alley featured prominently in the beginning of Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise had all sorts of problems with his mission. Naturally I had to have a peek through the wooden fence where the bad guy was hiding.


  • Chivalry

    Our dining hall, complete with a wooden horse for sudden invasion plans.

    Malá Strana

  • In the footsteps

    In 1648 Swedish troops rushed the Charles Bridge to conquer the Old City and severely damaged the eastern bridge tower.

    Reine taking a stroll on the Charles Bridge

  • Join in the chant

    Prague is not only goth, it is also EBM!

    Malá Strana

  • The sound of Smetana

    View from Petřínská rozhledna

  • King and crown

    The Prague Castle is surrounding St Vitus Cathedral.

    View from Petřínská rozhledna

  • The two towers

    Church of Our Lady Before Tyn is towering above Old Town square. Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe is buried in there.

    View from Old Town Hall