Mink Machine

Concerts and live gigs - From Kraftwerk to Rammstein

Featured bands: Nitzer Ebb, Die Krupps, Henric de la Cour, Jean Michel Jarre, Laibach, Kent, Kraftwerk, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Thåström, VNV Nation, Fever Ray, Combichrist, Rammstein, Skinny Puppy, Dead Can Dance, Neneh Cherry, Tom McRae, Recoil, Tangerine Dream, Genesis P-Orridge, Yazoo, Rhys Fulber, Aesthetic Perfection, Wulfband, Ratatat, Niels Gordon, Zynic, Nicole Sabouné, Container 90, The Cure, Lustans Lakejer, Spark!, Nine Inch Nails, Pouppée Fabrikk, Iggy Pop, Agent Side Grinder, Hocico, Fix8:Sed8, Front Line Assembly, Adolphson och Falk, Gary Numan, Nattskiftet, Front 242, Train To Spain, Digidroid, White Birches, H.U.V.A. Network, Chelsea Wolfe, Trentemøller, Cryo, Göteborgselektronikerna, Fixmer / McCarthy, Hype, Spetsnaz, Elegant Machinery, Midlake, Robert Leiner, Queens of the Stone Age, Dupont, New Division, Atari Teenage Riot, Bad Cash Quartet, Hearts of Black Science, IAMX, sKOJ, Metallica, Disco Digitale, Mergel Kratzer, Depressive Art, Solar Fields, Twice a Man, Savages, Susanne Sundfør, Helm, Bob Log III, Vive La Fete, Scotch, Thermostatic, Mobile Homes, Depeche Mode, U2, Monofånarna, Lacuna Coil, Youth Code, Page, Mr Jones Machine, Alison, Nepal, Neuroticfish, Ladytron and more.

  • Machineries of Joy

    Jürgen Engler and Douglas McCarthy together on stage!

    Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb

  • For I am sure it will tear my soul apart

    Henric de la Cour live at Sticky Fingers

  • The little frenchman

    Jean-Michel Jarre live

  • Tanz mit Laibach

    Milan Fras is getting old but he stil got the ear flaps. Unfortunately I didn't catch the lovely female aggro drummers in the same shot.

    Laibach live at Storan

  • Utan dina andetag

    Kent at Slottskogsvallen

  • Man machine

    Best opening song in the world.

    Kraftwerk live in Randers, Denmark

  • World of sleepers

    Carbon Based Lifeforms live at Kontiki

  • Halo

    Thåström live at Slottskogsvallen

  • Beloved

    Meeting Ronan and Mark from VNV Nation

  • If I had a heart

    Fever Ray live at Way Out West

  • Sent to destroy

    Combichrist live

  • Mein herz brennt

    Vocalist and frontman Till Lindemann hurt his knee during the song Amerika, when Flake accidentally ran into Till with his Segway stage-vehicle. But neither injury or heavy rainfall could extinguish the fires of Rammstein.

    Till Lindemann on fire during Rammstein concert 2005

  • Rot and assimilate

    Nivek Ogre in yet another colorful creation.

    Skinny Puppy live

  • Sail on silver wings

    Dead Can Dance live in Budapest

  • Buffalo Stance

    Neneh is showing off her shoes.

    Cirkus feat Neneh Cherry live at Berns, Stockholm

  • Lightning man

    Muscle and hate from Douglas McCarthy.

    Nitzer Ebb live

  • The boy with the bubble gun

    Tom McRae during the Hotel Café tour

  • Faith healer

    Reine with Alan Wilder, Recoil / Depeche Mode

  • Stratosfear

    Still going strong since 1967. Thorsten Quaeschning has been along since 2005.

    Tangerine Dream live at Way Out West

  • A weird evening

    Genesis P-Orridge live at Folk

  • Only you

    Vince Clarke. The man, the myth, the keyboard. Bow to the master, even though he has succumbed to a laptop these days.

    Yazoo live at Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

  • Misery Whip

    Rhys Fulber live at Pustervik

  • We are the ones

    Aesthetic Perfection live at Musikens hus

  • Attentat

    Wulfband live at Sticky Fingers

  • Loud pipes

    Ratatat live at Gothenburg Studios

  • Inner grounds

    Niels Gordon live at Studio HPKSM

  • Powered by Death

    Zynic live at Musikens Hus

  • Lifetime

    Nicole Sabouné live at Pustervik

  • Body to body

    Container 90 live at Electronic Winter

  • Pictures of you

    The Cure live

  • I see you there

    Lustans Lakejer live

  • Maskiner

    Spark! live at Sticky Fingers

  • Underneath it all

    Tentacles from the abyss are reaching for poor Trent, trying to drag him into the Great Below.

    Nine Inch Nails live in Stockholm

  • We have come to drop bombs

    Pouppée Fabrikk live at Sputnik, Jönköping

  • Lust for life

    Iggy Pop live at Way Out West

  • Die to live

    Agent Side Grinder live at Foajebaren

  • Machinist of joy

    Die Krupps live at Sticky Fingers

  • Wrack and ruin

    Hocico live in Gothenburg

  • High velocity splatter

    Fix8:Sed8 live in Gothenburg

  • Attack the masses

    Frontline Assembly live at Musikens Hus

  • Children of the sun

    Dead Can Dance live in Zürich

  • Med rymden i blodet

    The synth pioneers Adolphson and Falk did a gig with analogue versions of their old hits.

    Adolphson and Falk, Stenhammarsalen

  • My name is ruin

    Gary Numan live at Pustervik

  • Playing the harp

    Perhaps the most iconic image of Jarre.

    Jean-Michel Jarre live

  • Aceton

    Nattskiftet live at Sticky Fingers

  • Operating tracks

    Front 242 live in Gothenburg

  • All About

    Train To Spain live at Hammok

  • Man and machine

    Digidroid live at Rotary

  • Howl

    White Birches (featuring Dan Söderqvist) live at Sticky Fingers

  • We have come to drop bombs

    Pouppée Fabrikk reunion at Sticky Fingers

  • Dissolving time

    H.U.V.A. Network (Solar Fields + Aes Dana) live at Genesis, Skansen Kronan

  • Feral love

    Chelsea Wolfe live at Way Out West

  • Never fade

    Trentemøller live at Pustervik

  • Does it hurt

    Cryo live at Sticky Fingers

  • Hållplats

    Göteborgselektronikerna live at Brewers Beer Bar

  • Destroy

    Fixmer / McCarthy live at Musikens Hus

  • Hardcore hooligan

    Pontus brings the action on stage.

    Spetsnaz live at Jazzhuset

  • Musik non stop

    Sami Sirviö and Jocke Berg in a guitar duel.

    Kent live at Lisebergshallen

  • You and me both

    Reine with Robert Enforsen (Elegant Machinery) in Malmö

  • The old and the young

    Midlake live at Pustervik

  • Erase me

    Nine Inch Nails live at Hovet, Stockholm

  • Modern impact

    Robert Enforsen with his new band Hype.

    Hype at Spacelab 2004

  • Legendary

    Robert Leiner live at Sticky Fingers

  • Smooth sailing

    Queens of the Stone Age live

  • Behave

    Dupont live at Musikens hus

  • Together we shine

    New Division live at Sticky Fingers

  • Blood in my eyes

    Atari Teenage Riot live at Sticky Fingers

  • Big day coming

    Bad Cash Quartet live

  • Protector

    Hearts of Black Science live at Sticky Fingers

  • Say hello melancholia

    IAMX live, first stop at the Metanoia Tour

  • Boing boing

    sKOJ live at Haket

  • Shattered grounds

    Robert Enforsen and Thomas Jansson live at Electronic Winter

  • Euphotic

    Carbon Based Lifeforms live at Sticky Fingers

  • Kings of keyboards

    They are back for the fourth time!


  • One

    Metallica live at Ullevi

  • From Mir to you

    Disco Digitale live at Henriksberg

  • Get a taste

    Mergel Kratzer live at Absynth

  • On solid ground

    Depressive Art live at Sticky Fingers

  • Random friday

    Solar Fields live

  • Tribal ways

    Twice a Man live at Musikens Hus

  • She will

    Savages live at Way Out West

  • White Foxes

    Susanne Sundfør live at Way Out West

  • Lady in red

    Helm live at Synthklubben

  • Blind man dreams

    Leslie Bayne and Robert Enforsen.

    Elegant Machinery live at Deep, Malmö

  • Hardcore hooligan

    Pontus brings the action on stage.

    Spetsnaz live at Sticky Fingers

  • Noir desir

    Els Pynoo really get the audience on their toes!

    Vive La Fete, live at Statisch

  • Radioactivity

    Tschernobyl. Harrisburgh. Sellafield. Hiroshima.

    Kraftwerk live in Randers, Denmark

  • Dressed for success

    Bob Log III live

  • The more the merrier

    All sorts of people on stage during the Progress Productions 5 year anniversary. Members from Necro Facility, Mr Jones Machine, Project-X and more.

    Musikens hus

  • Idle running

    Robert and Sanna on stage.

    Hype live at Statisch

  • Why are you wearing that man suit

    Suddenly, there was a big bunny on stage!

    Depressive Art live at Sticky Fingers

  • Delirio Mind

    Old fans of Italo Disco will remember the band Scotch with their classic songs. Yes, it really is him up there!

    Scotch live at Heaven

  • I want to be a Marilyn

    Loiuse reaching out for the crowd.

    Thermostatic live at Sticky Fingers

  • Black celebration

    Parts of Colony 5, Spetsnaz and Mr Jones Machine singing Happy Birthday for Stefan.

    Satin club, Örebro

  • Nostalgia

    Mobile Homes live at Electric Xmas

  • Reach out and touch Dave

    Depeche Mode live in Scandinavium

  • Smile in the crowd

    Spot the godzilla.

    Reine at U2 360 Tour, Ullevi

  • Blue tentacle

    U2 360 Tour, Ullevi

  • As stars we belong

    Thermostatic doing their first gig ever. Instant success!

    Thermostatic at Spacelab

  • Keyboard galore

    Monofånarna during their first gig ever.

    Monofånarna live at Haket 2001

  • Our Truth

    Lacuna Coil live in San Gwann Tal-Għargħar, Malta

  • Silent running

    Carbon Based Lifeforms doing a daylight gig

  • For I Am Cursed

    Youth Code live at Folk

  • In my dreams

    Karin My did a great stand-in for Sanna.

    Hype live at Club Target

  • A decade of thoughts

    Elegant Machinery live at Romo Night

  • Lost tapes

    Eddie Bengtsson och Marina Schiptjenko reunited for a gig in Gothenburg.

    Page live at Storan

  • Showroom dummies

    Kraftwerk live in Randers, Denmark

  • Somewhere in nowhere

    Jouni and Jarmo performing in the Bengans record store.

    Mr Jones Machine live

  • Wrack and ruin

    Hocico live in Gothenburg

  • Control I'm here

    Muscle and hate from Douglas McCarthy.

    Nitzer Ebb live

  • Hardset head

    Nivek Ogre in yet another colorful creation.

    Skinny Puppy live

  • Archlight

    VNV Nation stage

  • Only you

    Alison live at Synthklubben

  • Cast a shadow in your eye

    Nepal live at Sticky Fingers

  • The bomb

    Neuroticfish live at Electronic Winter

  • Noir desir

    Els Pynoo really get the audience on their toes!

    Vive La Fete live at Statisch

  • Mindphaser

    Awesome Bill Leeb of legendary Front Line Assembly is still going strong.

    Front Line Assembly live at Statisch

  • Mr self destruct

    Nine Inch Nails live in Stockholm

  • On solid ground

    Depressive Art live at Sticky Fingers

  • So close so near

    Thermostatic live at Sticky Fingers

  • Subhuman

    Alan Wilder left Depeche Mode in 1993 but is still going strong with his solo project from 1986.

    Recoil live

  • Light and magic

    Ladytron live in Stockholm