Mink Machine

Arvikafestivalen 2009 - Under the birch

  • Touchdown

    We have arrived!

    [Jessica at Arvikafestivalen]

  • Basecamp

    First task is to setup the tent in tropical heat.

    [Nellie and Jessica at the camping]

  • Refreshment

    After dealing with the tent, a beer reward is in order.

    [Jessica and Nellie at the camping]

  • Starfighter

    They even threw a Commodore 64 to the audience!

    [Honey and A.L.F. of Welle:Erdball]

  • Empire of dirt

    [Camping area]

  • As stars we belong

    [Karin, Magnus and Anders]

  • Sister of night

    Where did the birch go?


  • I believe I can fly


  • The sun always shine on TV

    [Reine and Hanna]

  • Alles ist gut

    Gabi enjoyed splashing himself with several bottles.

    [DAF at Arvikafestivalen]

  • For showing me home


  • Honey, don't look

    [Camping area]

  • Candy girl

    [Jessica behind the wheel]

  • A game with added reality

    Happy faces after the Depeche Mode show, but we missed Master and servant in the setlist.

    [Reine and Rebecca]

  • Beauties in black

    Potatoes and pillows.

    [Martina and Jessica in potato land]

  • Obey

    [Johannes and Paulina]

  • My secret garden

    What happens under the birch stays under the birch.

    [Martina, Jessica, Stefan and Lars under the birch]

  • To have and to hold

    Anna is taking her pig to watch Elegant Machinery.

    [Anna, Marcus and the pig]

  • Class of 2009

    [Martin, Anette, Jonas, Karin, Christopher, Jörgen, Jennie, Pierre, Hanna, Lars, Jonas, Mike, Sofia and Håkan]

  • Shine for me

    [Apollo stage]

  • Beside you in time

    God arrived to a muddy field in the woods.

    [Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails]

  • Looking for Jason

    [Jessica at Camp Crystal Lake]

  • Looking for Jason

    [Camp Crystal Lake]

  • In the pit

    The beersnatcher in action.

    [A.L.F. from Welle:Erdball, Stefan, Martina and Björn under the birch]

  • Something to do

    [Reine and Jessica]

  • Truppenschau

    [Anders and Lars]

  • Arbeit

    [Frl Venus of Welle:Erdball]

  • Only when I lose myself

    [Martina in the potato kingdom]

  • Lazy days


  • Get the balance right

    This was only seconds before the infamous incident.

    [Stefan and Jessica]

  • People are people

    [Hanna, Martin, Pär and Anders]

  • Just can't get enough

    20 000 people left the field when Depeche Mode got off stage, but certain voices refused to give up the chant.

    [Helena and Karin]

  • Dressed in black

    [Jenny and Robert]

  • Car of the universe

    Coolest car in town.

    [Arvika town]

  • Greater than the sun


  • Büch dich

    The town is filled with weird statues.

    [Arvika town]

  • Beauties in black

    Potatoes and pillows.

    [Jessica and Martina in potato land]

  • Suffer well

    [Martina and Jessica under the birch]

  • Fire at will

    [Jessica and Martina roaming the grounds]

  • The sun and the rainfall


  • I feel you

    Angel of death stalking a victim.

    [People outside of Apollo]