Mink Machine

San Francisco - More than the bridge

Golden Gate, Chinatown, Alcatraz, driving around in Marin County and the usual stuff.

  • Urban pyramid

    The Transamerica Pyramid in the heart of the Financial District is visible from several locations, being the tallest building in the city.

    Financial District seen from Coit Tower

  • Lady in red

    It must take ages to paint this thing.

    Golden Gate bridge

  • Not so ancient

    This building was designed by Bernard Maybeck for an exhibition in 1915 and featured in the movie The Rock.

    Palace of Fine Arts

  • No swimming

    Alcatraz island

  • Framed by nature

    View from Telegraph Hill

  • Brink of war

    It's a great country in many ways, but sometimes it makes me sad.

    Reine at a motel, the day before the start of Iraq-USA war 2003

  • Spin

    Now this is what I call a proper record store.

    Amoeba Music, Haight-Ashbury

  • Bon appetit

    How about a squid for lunch?


  • Green day

    Mel's Drive-in was the backdrop for George Lucas' classic movie American Graffiti but it also has something called El Rancho, an awesome burrito.

    Celebrating St Patrick's day at Mel's Drive-in

  • A view to a kill

    Driving north on Highway 101.

    Golden Gate bridge

  • The abyss

    They frequently say it's the crookedest street in the world, which it is not. Not even the crookedest in San Francisco, since Vermont St wins that title. But nobody mentions the diabolical slope.

    Driving down Lombard street

  • A view to a kill

    You can see all the way to the Golden Gate bridge.

    View from Coit Tower

  • Spire and dome

    The pyramid is the tallest building but from the right angle it can be matched by the Columbus Tower, also called the Sentinel Building.

    Transamerican Pyramid and Columbus Tower

  • A view to a kill

    The Washington Square is an island of life in the sea of buildings. The steep streets in the northeast were prominently featured in the infamous car chase from 1968 movie Bullitt.

    View from Coit Tower

  • Time for a nap

    The sea lions usually make tons of noise, but this guy needed a break from it all.

    Pier 39

  • At a safe distance

    The island with the infamous prison is firmly placed in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

    Alcatraz island

  • Jailbreak


    Reine breaking free from Al Capone's cell at Alcatraz

  • Neon nights

    The narrow thing to the left is Ross Alley, where several scenes from Big Trouble Little China were shot.


  • The light in the end of the tunnel

    Driving south through Marin County towards the Golden Gate bridge

  • A long and winding road

    A fantastic evening was spent getting lost in the hills of Marin County.

    Driving in Marin County

  • Ghost rider

    Driving across Golden Gate bridge under the full moon.

    Reine at Golden Gate bridge

  • Warp speed

    Driving across Golden Gate bridge at night

  • Warp speed

    The full moon rising above Alcatraz island.

    San Francisco Bay