Riga - Gateway to Latvia

  • Down by the river

    The Rīgas Doms (Protestant Cathedral) and Rīgas pils (Riga Castle) are situated close to the Daugava river.

    View from Saint Peter's Church

  • Another brick in the wall

    The former fortification wall of Old Riga.

    Troksnu iela

  • Another brick in the wall

    The former fortification wall of Old Riga.

    Troksnu iela

  • Dead end

    Silently pondering where rest of the house has gone.

    Skārņu iela

  • Wall breach

    This is the Swedish gate, built into the former fortification wall in 1698 during the Swedish rule of the city. It was simply cut through an existing house and the city executioner lived in the rooms above the gate at that time, placing a red rose in his window every night before an execution.

    The Swedish gate

  • Balsam applied inside

    The local brew Black Balsam is a traditional herbal liqueur composed of 24 different ingredients such as flowers, roots, oils, berries and other funny things you may or may not find in a forest.

    Reval skybar

  • Baltic night

    View from Reval skybar

  • I will crush you all

    Military parade at Ratslaukums

  • Back off

    Military parade at Ratslaukums

  • Silent echoes of noise

    The name of this street means Noisy, getting its name from the market that was once held in the narrow passage.

    Troksnu iela

  • Bricks

    The Blackheads were an organisation of foreign Hansa merchants. Their guild was named after their patron saint, the black St Maurice.

    Melngalvju nams

  • I will crush you like a worm

    House of Blackheads

  • Sugar rush

    Laima is the well-known chocolate brand of Latvia and quite delicious.

    Having a coffee break at Emihls Gustavs

  • Wrath of the cat

    The owner of this house was once expelled from the Great Guild, whose magnificent building is located across the street to the left. He was so insulted that he turned the cat, making its rear end point towards the guild house.

    Kaku maja, Livu Laukum