Tokyo - Getting lost in translation

Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ueno and more.

  • Crossroads

    The busiest pedestrian walkway in the world. I had a coffee at the window on the second floor of the Starbucks straight ahead, watching the flow of people in what's aptly called the busiest Starbucks in the world.

    Shibuya crossing

  • Big in Japan

    Spot the foreigner. I always blend in seamlessly in Asian countries.

    Reine going down the Tokyo subway

  • Clear as mud

    Tokyo subway map

  • For a relaxing time

    This is the infamous bar where several pivotal scenes took place in Lost in Translation, one of my all time favorite movies.

    New York Bar on 52nd floor, Park Hyatt

  • Room with a view

    View from New York Bar on 52nd floor, Park Hyatt

  • Of all the joints in all the world

    New York Bar on 52nd floor, Park Hyatt

  • Fly me to the moon

    The live band automatically added 2000 yen to the bill, but it was well worth every penny.

    New York Bar at 52nd floor, Park Hyatt

  • What are you having?

    Recognize the lamps where Bill and Scarlett were seated?

    New York Bar at 52nd floor, Park Hyatt

  • Shape of my heart

    I was the only gaijin in the coffee bar, so everyone was observing my every move.

    Coffee place in Harajuku

  • Urban wilderness

    The lotus plants completely cover the surface.

    Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park

  • West meet east

    The skyscrapers of the sober western part of Shinjuku cast their shadows on the eastern part which is Tokyo's liveliest night spot and largest red light district. In the middle is Shinjuku Station, often considered to be the busiest station in the world.


  • Invisible borders

    The man on the bicycle is crossing the invisible border, where the boring skyscrapers of west Shinjuku meet the neon decadence of east Shinjuku. The dividing line can be seen clearly on the buildings and separated by the metro railroad.


  • Enter the dragon

    Cool shop exterior. Notice the dragon tail on the left wall.

    East Shinjuku

  • Gamers

    There's a lot of noise and smoke in these places.

    Pachinko hall in East Shinjuku

  • Beneath the cherries

    This place is one of the best locations to enjoy the cherry blossom in springtime.

    Ueno Park

  • Rock on

    Tokyo subway

  • Happy dragon

    Rinnoji temple

  • Urban sprawl