South Korea - From north to south

Seoul, Incheon and Busan.

  • No soup for you

    Trying to understand what I ordered. Some kind of mystery meat?

    Reine in Seoul

  • Mesh man

    Seoul Tower

  • Gently down the stream

    Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

  • From the depths

    Don't miss Cthulhu down there.

    Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

  • Built to last

    The Changdeok Palace is one of the great palaces in Korea. This is Injeongjeon Hall, originally constructed in 1405 but suffered severe fire damage during the Japanese invasion 1592.

    Changdeokgung, Seoul

  • Zombie fishes

    Namdaemun market, Seoul

  • Daily life

    Namdaemun market, Seoul

  • I can see my home from here

    The Seoul Tower is clearly visible from most places.

    View from 60th floor of 63 Building, Seoul

  • Urban sprawl

    View from Seoul Tower hill

  • People are people

    Namdaemun market, Seoul

  • Bridge over river Imjin

    This is Freedom Bridge, the only bridge connecting North Korea with South Korea. It was used by 13000 South Korean and American POWs to leave North Korea and return to freedom. According to legend, their cries of freedom gave the bridge its name.

    Korean Demilitarized Zone

  • Watchmen

    The DMZ is the world's most heavily fortified border, creating a 155 mile long military demarcation line. Seven million Korean families are still separated by the DMZ.

    Korean Demilitarized Zone

  • At the 38th parallel

    They discovered me, despite my sleek ninja moves.

    Reine trying to sneak into Pyeongyang, North Korea

  • On the road again


  • Being boring