Mink Machine

Korea - From north to south

Seoul, Incheon and Busan.

  • Up where we belong

    Probably the largest sluice gate I've ever seen.

    Arriving at Incheon by ferry

  • Getting there

    On the road towards Seoul

  • No soup for you

    Trying to understand what I ordered. Some kind of mystery meat?

    Reine in Seoul

  • Lock stock

    The tradition of newlyweds placing locks in public places keeps filling up the public spaces all over the globe.

    View from Seoul Tower hill

  • By the tube

    The subway system is almost as great as the one in Beijing. Clean and efficient.

    Seoul subway

  • Mesh man

    Seoul Tower

  • Gently down the stream

    Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

  • From the depths

    Don't miss Cthulhu down there.

    Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

  • Old man and the sea

    Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

  • Shining bright

    View from 60th floor of 63 Building, Seoul

  • Built to last

    The Changdeok Palace is one of the great palaces in Korea. This is Injeongjeon Hall, originally constructed in 1405 but suffered severe fire damage during the Japanese invasion 1592.

    Changdeokgung, Seoul

  • Smile

    After having been photographed by endless amounts of curious asians for some weeks, I leaped at the chance of getting even.

    Garden of Changdeokgung, Seoul

  • Zombie fishes

    Namdaemun market, Seoul

  • Daily life

    Namdaemun market, Seoul

  • Off the beaten track

    Namdaemun market, Seoul

  • It takes two to tango

    Han River from Yeouinaru island, Seoul

  • Reach for the sky

    Arriving by boat to Building 63, Seoul

  • Reflections

    The wine bar at 59th floor had excellent wine and a fantastic view.

    Walking in the Cloud, Seoul

  • I can see my home from here

    The Seoul Tower is clearly visible from most places.

    View from 60th floor of 63 Building, Seoul

  • Bridge over river Imjin

    This is Freedom Bridge, the only bridge connecting North Korea with South Korea. It was used by 13000 South Korean and American POWs to leave North Korea and return to freedom. According to legend, their cries of freedom gave the bridge its name.

    Korean Demilitarized Zone

  • Watchmen

    The DMZ is the world's most heavily fortified border, creating a 155 mile long military demarcation line. Seven million Korean families are still separated by the DMZ.

    Korean Demilitarized Zone

  • At the 38th parallel

    They discovered me, despite my sleek ninja moves.

    Reine trying to sneak into Pyeongyang, North Korea

  • How I learned to love the bomb

    The war memorial seemed like an unlikely but popular picnic spot for families.

    War Memorial, Seoul

  • Barrel of a gun

    War Memorial, Seoul

  • Still got the blues

    This is the posh bar called Rising. I just love the blue light.


  • Urban sprawl

    View from Seoul Tower hill

  • Reach for the stars

    Seoul Tower

  • People are people

    Namdaemun market, Seoul

  • Here we go again

    I just love to carry heavy backpacks across endless railway platforms.

    Seoul station, going south

  • Taking a break


  • Abstract art


  • Motion