Trans-Siberian - From Moscow to Beijing

A tranquil journey across the width of Russia, through the plains of Mongolia and the valleys of China.

  • Leave in silence

    It's cold and dark and we are about to embark on the longest train journey in the world going from Moscow to Beijing. Yaroslavsky is one of nine railway stations in Moscow and the starting point of the Trans-Siberian.

    Yaroslavsky station, Moscow

  • Directions

    It's a good thing that the train is labelled, in case we forget where we are going.

    Our train, somewhere in Russia

  • Looking for breakfast

    It's a wonder anyone can smile at this station, since there were no pancakes in sight anywhere.

    Reine in Balezino, Russia

  • Na zdorovie

    Sharing meals - the Russian way.

    Somewhere in Russia

  • Keeping an eye out

    Each train wagon has a provodnitsa which are caretakers, managers and executioners at the same time. Don't make them angry or they will turn the heat off.

    Kirov, Russia

  • Stocking up

    The train needs a lot of coal, which came with a fog.

    Ulan-Ude, Russia

  • Daily routine

    Making noodles for supper at the samovar. A touch of glamour.

    Somewhere in Russia

  • The hunt for food in Siberia

    The train stops in the middle of nowhere and if you're lucky you can buy some eatable stuff from the babushkas on the platform.

    Reine in Ilanskaya, Russia

  • We brake for nobody

    Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, holding 20 percent of the world's total fresh water. It's also the oldest lake in the world, more than 25 million years old.

    Sunrise at Lake Baikal, Russia

  • Across the plains

    As the train starts to go south towards Mongolia the forests are replaced by low grass.

    Somewhere in Russia

  • Construction time again

    One can't help but think of all the lives that were crushed to make this railway a reality.

    Southern Siberia, Russia

  • Thumbs up

    Heading south and it's finally getting a bit warmer.

    Reine in southern Siberia

  • Taking the helm

    This town has a statue of the first Mongolian cosmonaut standing in the square. It was also once home to the largest Soviet military air base in Mongolia, but today it's mostly a ghost town.

    Choir, Mongolia

  • City on the edge of forever

    People actually live out here in the outskirts of the Gobi desert. The name of the town is quite ironic, since it means "good pond".

    Reine in Sainshand, Mongolia

  • Crossing the desert

    A good time for dessert.

    Gobi desert, Mongolia

  • Through the wall

    As we crossed northern China the Great Wall could be seen here and there along the mountains.

    South of Zhangjiakou, China