Mink Machine

London - London calling

Various photos from several different trips and decades.

  • The sound of silence

    I sat down next to the river Thames on a sunny afternoon, had an ice cream and catched up on my Bruce Chatwin.

    Jubilee gardens, London

  • The speed of light

    I have always been fascinated by the nature of visible light, the only wavelength interval in the electromagnetic spectra detectable by the human eye.

    Oxford Circus, London

  • City of neon

    Reine at Piccadilly Circus

  • Under siege

    Bob and Bob supervise their territory. They sit next to the birdseed retailer, a few feet from the sign that says: Do not feed the pigeons.

    Trafalgar Square, London

  • City of neon

    Piccadilly Circus

  • City of neon

    At the junction of five busy streets, Piccadilly Circus is not the most accessible place for pedestrians.

    Piccadilly Circus

  • I've been waiting for you Reine-Wan

    Reine at Cinema Store

  • Pigeon whisperer

    Trafalgar Square

  • The quest for caffeine

    Reine at Starbucks

  • Timekeeper

    Palace of Westminster

  • Dad, may I keep him?

    I did not, repeat did not, have lunch with that alien. Denial is policy.

    Reine finding soulmates in Camden, London

  • From above

    Many landmarks are clearly visible along the Thames.