Louisiana - New Orleans and swamps

New Orleans, Oak Alley, Mississippi and into the bayous.

  • Cry me a river

    New Orleans is situated in the Mississippi river delta region. The Natchez is one of the authentic steamboats cruising the wide river.

    The Mississippi, New Orleans

  • Moon over Bourbon Street

    This is Bourbon Street, the heart of the French Quarter. It is deserted and empty at daylight, but after the sunset the street gets very crowded by musicians, tourists and locals, all having a good time in The Big Easy.

    Bourbon Street, New Orleans

  • City in green

    The streets of New Orleans are blessed with beautiful balconies.

    Royal Street, New Orleans

  • The sins of our fathers

    Once a site for public execution of slaves, the square was later renamed to Jackson Square and in 1856 a statue of general Andrew Jackson was placed in the center.

    Jackson Square, New Orleans

  • They call it the Rising Sun

    This house on Louis Street claims to be the original brothel from the well-known song.

    House of the rising sun, New Orleans

  • The street that never sleeps

    This street becomes quite busy at night, preferably browsed from the beautiful balconies.

    Bourbon Street, New Orleans

  • Shopping for your gumbo

    The French Market is America's oldest city market, existing on the same spot since 1791. To the right is Café Du Monde, the well-known coffee shop established in 1862.

    French Market, New Orleans

  • Feed me, Seymour

    To feed the wild aligators is another no-no. They could get stomage ache if they eat you.

    In the bayous of Lousiana

  • Roof of the world

    After a fuming car drive back and forth across the mighty Mississippi we arrived at the magnificent Oak Alley, south of Baton Rouge. It features an alley of 18th century oak trees.

    Oak Alley

  • Roof of the world

    This was the home of Louis in the movie Interview With The Vampire, and the house was also used for the opening scene of Gone With The Wind.

    Oak Alley

  • Bridge over troubled water

    There are many bridges over Mississippi.

    Wallace Bridge

  • In the swamps

    The word bayou originates from bayuk, meaning "small stream".

    In the bayous of Lousiana

  • Swamp thing

    If I was this igrat, I wouldn't dip my toes here.

    In the bayous of Lousiana

  • In the swamps

    The swamps are home to countless alligators. A lot of them were circulating around our boat, waiting for someone to become their lunch.

    In the bayous of Lousiana