Turkey - Run to the hills

Along the southern coast.

  • The pine hills are alive

    This is the city of Marmaris, located at the meeting place of the Mediterranean and Aegean sea. It has one of the world's largest natural harbors and is preferably entered by boat.

    Marmaris, Turkey

  • On the road again

    Full impulse power, Mr Sulu!

    Bozburun Peninsula, Turkey

  • That thing we do

    We just had to jump around a bit during the dusty jeep quest into the forests of southern Turkey.


  • Bay of the maiden

    According to legend, this bay was named after a maiden who, when her village was attacked by pirates, filled her skirts with sand and tried to make a bridge for herself across the water to escape them. However, the sand ran out before she could reach the other side and she flung herself into the sea rather than fall into the hands of the pirates.

    Kizkumu, Turkey

  • By the waterfall

    Reine in Turgut