Mink Machine

Paris - Realm of the croissants

  • The show must go on

    [Moulin Rouge at Boulevard de Clichy]

  • We will always have Paris

    The view from the dome is spectacular.

    [Emelie at the Sacre Coeur dome]

  • From the tower

    The Eiffel tower offers many great sights. Past the Trocadero one can see the business area La Defense including the cubic arch.

    [Trocadéro gardens and the Palais de Chaillot]

  • Light pollution

    [The Eiffel tower seen from Champ de Mars]

  • Top of the stairs

    There are a lot of spectacular stairs in Montmartre.

    [Reine in Montmartre]

  • Mountain of the martyrs

    The hill of Montmartre is one of the most charming areas of the city.

    [Rue Foyatier, Montmartre]

  • Pedestrian crossing

    It's not Abbey Road, but it will do.

    [Emelie crossing Champs-Élysées]

  • Fear of the city

    The gargoyles of Notre Dame serve as drain pipes as well as decorations. Gargoyle comes from a Latin word, meaning gullet or drain, thus implying their purpose during the 600 years since the construction.

    [Gargoyle at Notre Dame balcony]

  • Ring your bells

    One of my favorite buildings on Earth. The 387 steep steps to the balcony are definitely worth it.

    [Notre Dame]

  • Feed your head

    These figures are a part of the exquisite wall decorations located near the large front doors of the Notre Dame cathedral. The beheaded man is Saint Denis, who according to legend stood up after his execution on Montmartre in 250 AD, picked up the head and walked away with it two miles down the north side of the mountain where he finally died.

    [At the entrance of Notre Dame]

  • The shining jewel of Montmartre

    [Sacre Coeur]

  • Top of the world

    [View from Sacre Coeur balcony]

  • Your queen has arrived

    [Reine at Saint Severin]

  • Ants

    [View from the Eiffel tower]

  • I can live with the view

    [Reine in the Eiffel tower]

  • Urban Christmas tree

    [Eiffel tower]

  • Under the obelisk

    Place de la Concorde was the site of the infamous guillotine. It was a ironic twist of history, since the place earlier was named Place des Grèves and used to entertain nobility with dismembering convicted criminals alive.

    [Emelie at Place de la Concorde]

  • Fields of war

    [Champ de Mars]

  • Roots and ashes

    At the very heart of Paris, the Cité island has been inhabited since the Romans. It is completely surrounded by the Seine river and accessed by the Pont-Neuf, the oldest remaining bridge in Paris. At the western tip behind me is the Vert-Galant garden where Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake in 1314.

    [Reine at Pont-Neuf, Ile de la Cité]

  • Le petit déjeuner

    Nothing beats an outdoor breakfast in Paris under the sun. Café au lait, croissants and baguettes.

    [Emelie and the croissants]

  • No vegetarians in here

    All roads lead to the Eiffel tower, including this one with a intriguingly named restaurant.

    [Chez Mink]

  • The movie buff

    Of course we had to visit the café in Montmartre where many scenes were shot for the wonderful movie Amelie.

    [Reine at Bar des Deux Moulins]

  • Above the photo booth

    Gare Du Nord is the third busiest train station in the world. Film buffs remember it from the movie Amelie, but remember that footage from the Gare du Nord and the Gare de l'Est is mixed throughout the film.

    [Gare Du Nord]

  • Bon appetit

    French cuisine is famous all over the world. Just have a look of this fine specimen of something the dog left on the street.

    [French cuisine]

  • A pile of iron

    The top is reached by 1665 steps. It's so much fun that I've made the climb twice.

    [Eiffel tower]

  • Signs of affection

    They love me in France!


  • All of it

    Can you make out Île de la Cité?

    [Aerial view]