New York - Autumn in the Big Apple

All over Manhattan in 2002, one year after 9/11.

  • Midtown madness

    Chrysler, UN and the other old friends.

    View from Empire State Building

  • Pretzel hunter

    Dressed in black but surrounded by color.

    Reine at Times Square

  • Urban mutants

    Look who I found at 22nd Street! It would seem that Xavier forgot his contact lenses at the institute.

    The X-men celebrating Halloween in New York

  • Lady of the lake

    This copper statue of the Liberty goddess was a gift from France in 1885. A land battery was constructed in the shape of an 11-point star in 1806 and the remains formed the foundation for the copper statue of the Liberty goddess, received as a gift from France in 1885.

    Helicopter view of Liberty Island

  • Friends of old

    There are two buildings missing in the skyline.

    Lower Manhattan

  • On the air

    Reine at Radio City Music Hall, 6th Avenue

  • Beneath the stars

    Train stations are some of my favorite places and this one is perhaps the greatest of them all. The four-faced clock on top of the information booth is a well-known icon and the ceiling is covered by star constellations.

    Grand Central Terminal

  • I recall the park at fall

    The Central Park at it's very best in autumn.

    View from Belvedere castle, Central Park

  • Strangers in the night

    Ordinary streetlife in the Greenwich village.

    Creatures of the night

  • The forest angel

    The name of this famous fountain comes from the story of an angel giving healing powers to the pool of Bethesda in ancient Jerusalem. The statue is a neoclassical winged female figure symbolizing the opening of the Croton Aqueduct in 1842 that brought fresh water to the citizens.

    Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

  • Circling overland

    This island located in New York Harbor was once the main immigration port for immigrants entering the United States. Over 20 million immigrants have passed through these gates.

    Helicopter view of Ellis Island

  • Escape from New York

    In the tunnels below Grand Central Terminal

  • No flat tires

    The oddly shaped Flatiron building lies at the intersection of 5th avenue and Broadway, two of the most well-known streets in the world.

    Flatiron building, viewed from Empire State Building

  • Never forgotten

    The open wound of Manhattan, what was once the Twin Towers.

    Ground Zero

  • No soup for you

    I suppose the authorities does have humor after all.

    34th Street

  • The guardian

    The Lady Liberty is keeping an eye on the New York harbor.

    View from a helicopter south of Manhattan

  • Running man

    The early runners of NY Marathon is entering the finish line at the south end of Central Park.

    NY Marathon finish line